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We are a catering service marketplace where you can find the perfect caterer for your next party or event!

The struggles and frustrations of planning a party or last minute business presentation; in fact, any gathering where food is consumed; are known by all of us. Searching for the right catering service is tedious, ordering and scheduling is complicated. From the parent planning their child’s birthday party, the bride planning her wedding, or the salesperson planning their presentation, anyone and everyone can use Cater2UNow to plan the next feast.

Our mission is to simplify the catering order process and to provide a platform for catering businesses to process orders and manage their accounts which will enhance customer service, boost their customer retention and increase their sales. It allows caterers of any size to register, upload their menu and list of offered services, and watch as their business grows.


We put our efforts towards:

  • Simplifying the clients experience when ordering from local caterers

  • Enhancing the interaction process between caterers and their clients

  • Streamlining order problem resolution

  • Innovating event catering and planning


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